Friday, 23 October 2015

You didn't see this, right ?

Just a little screen-print from the super-secret website that I shouldn't have mentioned in yesterday's blog post.

Happy Friday...

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Things that go bump (or chomp) in the night

Halloween is approaching faster than a hungry zombie & She Productions are super-excited !!

There are 2 spook-tacular events coming to East Riding Theatre in Beverley, with the now sold-out Halloween Treat Night providing scary fun for all the family & the terrifying Scarefest providing frolics for those 16+ (or maybe those 16+ will be providing a feast for a gaggle of zombies - is "gaggle" the correct collective term for a load of flesh-eating odd-balls ? (answers on an email please...)

Anyway, the Treat Night costumes have been made, songs written, music composed & some scary surprises hidden away. A full house at ERT will be treated to a meeting of the BanShees, who will take everyone on a fantastic journey to..... I can't say any more otherwise it will ruin the surprise.... From the team that brought you the ├╝ber-successful The Three Kingdoms, Halloween Treat Night promises to be a sumptuous occasion.

Long after the BanShees, the Lightless Pumpkin (above) & the kiddi-winkles have retired to a dreamy wonderland for the night (10:45pm to be precise) She Productions' Scarefest will be upon us, and never have there been 2 more polar opposites in terms of entertainment. For those brave / daft enough to be coming to ERT on 31 October, prepare to be immersed into a night like no other. A top-secret website (very similar to Norad Santa, but one that tracks zombies instead of a present-giving Santa & his beloved reindeer) is being monitored & it looks as though the optimum zombie-time in Beverley will be just after 10:45pm that night (what a coincidence !). What are the chances of survival for those at the theatre ? Will the zombies have eaten before they get there ? Only time will tell..... Only a few tickets are left for the evening, so if you haven't booked already & fancy some late-night frights, then head on over to our website & get your tickets.

Happy Halloween one and all !!